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"Starless Night" weighted fluffy flogger

"Starless Night" weighted fluffy flogger

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This luxuriously soft synthetic faux fur is a blue so dark it appears black, till with a flick of the wrist you release it's hidden azure shimmer... An inspiration of beauty in motion.

Softness of fur- 9/10

Cushioning of fur- 7/10

Weight- 810g +/-

Number of falls- 9

Length of falls- 24"

Handles vary depending on availability and inspiration. Please feel free to leave a note on your order of you have handle specifications.

(Disclaimer : All toys, accessories and apparel on this site, while high quality and sturdily made, are novelties only and not intented for bodily harm. If you use them for that purpose we accept no liability. - Exquisite legal department statement)

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